A blog in 2012? I think I’m so far behind the trend it’s become retro.

Close up of my cycling shoes

Laziness + race directors always putting their transitions in grassy fields = sad, sad bike shoes

I know, I know. A blog. In 2012. It’s like I just discovered this intricate web of interstrings yesterday. But, well, there are only so many deep thoughts one can have in 140 characters, and anyone who says Tumblr is a platform for blogging is clearly a baby boomer who’s never actually used the site. So a proper blog! On WordPress and everything! Do try to feign excitement.

My plan, when I storyboarded this whole blogging narrative (hahahahaha. no.), was that I’d just sort of talk about what I do as a triathlete, share the info I find that is particularly relevant to the way I interact with the sport, and try not to be too boring.

Things this blog will probably talk about frequently: why running and I are not BFFs, where to find a real bra when your boobs are larger than a DD, my hatred of strength training, chafing and the many places on your body where this travesty can occur, the Great Wetsuit Conspiracy, and why I’d be a richer person if I’d taken up nearly any other sport in existence. Cats may also make an appearance. Unfortunate, but since I seem to be channeling 2004 here, I think they’re obligatory.

Things this blog will not talk about: intentional weight loss, how I won my age group after an impressive run split, my thoughts on the latest episode of Glee, my (non-existent) children, or my (non-existent) spouse.

Uh, so. Yes. I hope you enjoy!

3 responses to “A blog in 2012? I think I’m so far behind the trend it’s become retro.

  1. Wait … you didn’t win your age group?!??! Are you even allowed to blog. 😉 Welcome to the wonderful world of bloging!

  2. Wait … you are not on the podium as an age group elite?!?!? Are you sure you are allowed to even blog?!?!?!?!?!? 😉 Welcome to the world on triathlon blogging. 🙂


    • Ha. Does it not feel like most tri bloggers are either on podiums or really close to being there? I love them all, man, but I despair. Anyway, thank you! And I hope your race went well today!!

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