Who Says Water Needs to Go in a Water Bottle?

My pho-y lunch

A broth filled water bottle might not be a bad idea for an Ironman…

At 9pm last night, I decided it was a good time to start making the beef broth for my homemade pho. Because I am trying to go to bed earlier, you see, so after dinner is the best time to start a dish that takes several hours to cook. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re starting to see the reason I don’t get up in the morning for my workouts.

But the pho was for a good cause! Because after about an hour of cooking, I realized that, while the pho is a crappy late night dinner, it’d be great for lunch the next day. I just needed to come up with a way to transport all the bits. Normal tupperware worked for the meat and the veggie toppings, but I know from past attempts at bringing soup into work that my tupperware leaks like crazy. And as much as I love walking around smelling like spilled beef broth, there had to be better ideas.

Pho components looking scrumptous for the camera

My coworkers were jealous. But then my coworkers count calories and are therefore almost always jealous of my food, so I’m not sure it counts.

Enter the lowly water bottle.

Like any good triathlete, I have 10 million of theses floating around my flat. And, as they were designed to hold liquid and endure the stupid things you do with them (like flinging them onto the pavement while riding your bike, for example), I figured they could handle the 15 minute commute to work. Which it did with aplomb. If water bottles can be said to possess aplomb.

I dumped the veggies out the tupperware when I got ready to make my meal, poured the broth from the bottle into the tupperware, and cooked it up to boiling. Perfect lunchtime pho! And tons better than the cafeteria offerings that have made me vaguely ill these past couple of days.

But my water bottle carrier got me thinking. Why do I limit myself to water and gatorade? Why not take a bottle of broth on long rides? Or tea! I’d love tea at a rest stop.

I think the only problem is that my water has a slightly beefy aftertaste now…

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