Plotting my Escape

Lake Chabot in the background of a morning ride.

Lake Chabot looking scenic while I huffed & puffed up a mountain.

Whether they help or hinder, I like goal making. I have overall life goals, long term goals for triathlon, goals for my season, goals for my day. Sometimes I check them off with satisfaction, sometimes they don’t all get done or other times they may change halfway through. Nonetheless, I find it calming to have a direction I’m vaguely pointing myself toward as I go through the day, if nothing else.

Typically my goals tend toward the grand and convoluted, but my goals for Alcatraz this Sunday are pretty simple.

  1. Finish in the time allotted. Whether I manage to surprise myself with speediness or am the very last person crossing the finish line, this is my top wish for the race. An hour for the swim, 3 hours from the start to finish the bike, 1pm deadline for run. 5:30 max time. I’d like to hit all those numbers.
  2. Be positive. For all that I love the social aspect of triathlon, I spend a good proportion of my training time working out alone. When I’m alone, all I have to go on is how I feel and how I compare to the workouts I did in weeks prior. I tend to forget how terribly slow I am, and am only reminded of it when hordes of people pass me by during a race. This, well, let’s just say it bothers me more than it should. It takes little time to get into a bad cycle of negativity — how race is so hard and how slow I am and how if I’d just trained more I’d be a better athlete blah blah blah. You’ll be not at all shocked to learn that this type of thinking is boring and unhelpful. It happens every time. This time, though. This time will be different! Maybe. Hopefully. It’s a good place to start, at least. Even if it doesn’t help my performance, I figure it’s got to make the race more enjoyable.

That is. Those are all the goals. I’m excited and a bit queasy for Sunday, excueasy, if you will. Two more days!

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