We have a winner…

Tri Magazine Training Book Cover

Look at that sexy cover. Does it make you want to go out and train? No? Me either.

After talking with a few folks, I’ve come down on the cheaper, more difficult side of training plans: partial DIY. I’ve decided to follow Level 1 of the Half IM training plan from the book of plans I already own. I may make a few modifications to the running portion and I’m planning on cutting out one of the swim workouts a week, but I’m going to try to follow it as best I can. I think the best part of this plan might be that it’s free, which possibly isn’t saying much.

I had some minor mental panic last night while I was riding on the trainer. I was having a bad day and was eager to just get my workout done. I wasn’t thinking too clearly and somehow the mental math in my head had me thinking that I was going to spend 5 hours on the bike in Augusta (this is so patently stupid I’m not even going to do the simple math that proves myself wrong). Given that I was struggling to sit in aero for 50 minutes on the trainer, the idea of doing it for 5 hours and then running for another 3 made me despair. Once I hopped off the bike, I realized that my true bike estimate for the race is 3:45 (15 mph, with a private hope that I am faster than that). I calmed down quickly enough, but it did make me realize that, however inevitable my doing an Ironman is, if I’m still panicking at the idea of running off the bike after a 5 hour ride, next year is probably not my year for IM.

I dunno. I’ve been thinking a lot about triathlon lately and how I want to fit it into my life on a longer term basis. Despite doing this for 3 years now and investing a rather lot of time and money into the sport,  I’m still feeling it out as a viable hobby. Perhaps I’ll talk about it here more when I’ve sorted out my thoughts, but right now, I know there are things about it I like, things about it I really hate, and things I’m still poking at with a stick to see how I feel (races fall into this category, oddly enough; I’m still not sure I truly like the racing aspect).

3 responses to “We have a winner…

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – I’ve had the same time math panic attacks!

    • To be fair to my crazy, spin addled brain, if the bike course were as hilly as Alcatraz, there’s a good possibility that it would take me 5 hours to do it. But then, if that was the case, I wouldn’t have signed up for the tri in the first place. 😉

  2. I’m happy to be a participant vs a competitor — do the same few races year after year, no big goals other than to get a bit faster and spend time doing things I enjoy with people I like. It’s a different way to look at it, methinks.

    (And yes, doing math when you’re tired is always a mistake!)

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