That sound they make when someone gets a pie in the face


Ending on a less than stellar note for the year wasn’t really how I wanted to close my third triathlon season, but I do think it’s the best ending for me right now.

I’m pulling out of Augusta 70.3.

I thought it over  & decided that, although I was training, I wasn’t really putting in the longer workouts needed to get ready for an 8 hour event. I could do the race; I think I’m capable of hitting all the cut off times, but I wouldn’t be giving it my best effort. So I’m cutting my losses at an entry fee and calling it quits before I spend any more money trying to make something happen that I’m not ready for. I’ve done that before (hello, Virginia Beach Half Marathon), and there is surprisingly little satisfaction in it even when you hit the accomplishment.

I think I would still like to do a 70.3. In the recesses of my training brain, I do remember getting to a point with my training where I really liked going long and slow. I’m not there yet, but when I get back there, 70.3 sounds rather ideal. Just enough long and slow to enjoy, not enough to make you want to kill yourself (Ironman). And if I decide I don’t like the distance after all, well, at least I will have done one to find out.

So where does that leave me for the Fall? Right now the only thing on my race calendar is the Richmond Half Marathon. I’ve got two months to prep & am actually sort of looking forward to working on my running. I’m still nowhere near as fast as I was two years ago, but I’m finally starting to see some run progress after what felt like months of no fitness gains. I would also like to avenge my first half marathon experience a bit, and see if I can do the race without feeling like I want to die from mile 9 onward.

I’ve also signed up for the non-race bike ride, the Backroads (metric) Century in late September. I did that a few years ago and, aside from the part where I ran out of water & was miserable from that point forward, had a decent time. Plus they have awesome rest stops with tomato sandwiches.

2 responses to “That sound they make when someone gets a pie in the face

  1. 😦

    But let’s go running when I get my ankles back. We should be at the same speed and damned if I can’t get my 12:30/mile back.

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