Beautiful days, less beautiful runs

Predictably, I skipped out on my 6 mile run after Nation’s Tri on Sunday in favor of sitting on the couch and eating pizza. The beautiful late summer/early fall days have continued to hold into the week, though, so I managed to get out on Sunday afternoon & do it around the Mall and monuments.

View from the Jefferson Memorial

Yeah, it really was that gorgeous. Feel free to be jealous if you’re currently experiencing crappy weather.

While the day was spectacular and my route from the Capitol building to the Tidal Basin, around the Jefferson to the Lincoln,  and then back up the Mall was sweet, the run itself was a little lackluster. I kept having to walk due to leg pain, and then I twisted my ankle on a tree branch around mile 3.5.

Today, I ran a shorter mall loop and faced the same issue: cramping pain on the sides of my calves as I tried to pick up the pace. This isn’t exactly an abnormal pain; it’s something I’ve had to deal with ever since I started running 3 years ago. My lazy internet doctoring has led me to believe it’s anterior compartment syndrome (the death and disfigurement option the internet is so eager to hand out) or shin splints. It’s probably shin splints, but, come on, death and disfigurement is a way sexier diagnosis.

I do know it mostly goes away once my legs get used to running and I stretch more, but does suck mightily in the mean time and is the cause of much cursing and walking. Cardio-wise I’m doing fine. I’ve got plenty of breath to curse about my legs and I do find myself speeding up a touch when I do feel good. So, progress if slow.

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