Weekending: Zoo, Trail running, and Eating

The weekend got off to an excellent start on Friday when my department at work got to spend the day at the zoo. Despite living down the hill from the zoo for the past few years, I’d never made it inside and was very excited to go. The highlight was dragging everyone along to watch the zoo’s octopus, Pandora, eat breakfast. The keeper coaxed her out to play with and eat some shrimp. I was amazed at how tolerant she was of all the people and camera flashes. I hadn’t seen a captive octopus be that calm before. We rounded out our tour of the place with sights of lions and tigers and sloth bears, oh my.

On Saturday I did absolutely nothing. Not true, I ate. And napped. And waited for the cold front we were promised to roll in from the west. It was slow getting here but once it did, I was pleased.

On Sunday, the Accomplice and I met up with a running friend to tackle some trails in Rock Creek Park. In theory, I quite enjoy trail running; in practice, it’s still all new and awkward. The morning was cold and rainy, which I found to be quite pleasant, though others may have differing opinions. Our run was a 3.5 mile out and back and, mostly due to the rain, the trails were blissfully empty. It was almost like running in a proper forest. The only annoying bit was when I was running around a downed tree and I stepped in a hole. My knee locked when I hit the hole and my weight came down on my locked knee. Ow. The acute pain passed after a few minutes and I was able to run again, but the soreness increased as the run went on. It’s still a sore and weak feeling a day later, but it seems generalized and no specific movement causes sharper pains than others so I think I’ll live. Does this make me a real trail runner?

After the run, my mom and I were supposed to get together but she bailed on me and I took the opportunity to nap some more. When I woke up I was feeling yogic and I headed out for a quick restorative class at my local studio. Because I was introduced to yin and restorative at the same time, I always forget that I prefer yin. Still, it was nice to get in some (very) mild stretching. One of the things on my to do list is to figure out how to make myself a home yoga practice. I don’t think I can afford to rejoin a studio full time, but I keep coming back to the idea that yoga was incredibly beneficial to me when I was doing it.

Sunday ended with some excellent food and drink. The Accomplice decided to cook up her entire fridge & I was happy to come over and make a significant dent in the bounty. I perhaps had one too many glasses of wine or slices of roast because when I was lying in bed later on and taking my heart rate I learned that my resting heart rate had soared to 70. Usually when I record it at night it’s in the high 40s-low 50s. Fascinating. I checked it again this morning and it was back down to 47. Digestion is an intense process, man.

Last week I was pretty light on the running. I suffered a bit after the hard 10K last Sunday, and didn’t get a spring back into my step until the end of the week. This week I’m looking forward to getting back on the half marathon training wagon, especially now that we finally have some fantastic autumn weather.


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