Ow. Ow. Ow. Oooh, pretty picture.

Bike lane paint

I’m looking at where I’m going through a viewfinder, what? Totally safe.

This weekend I bought a new camera! The Panasonic Lumix TS4 promises it won’t complain too much when I take it out biking and it gets sweaty or when I drop it 10 times trying to get a picture while running. I’m excited to take better pictures while I’m training and running around; my iPhone 4’s photo quality really wasn’t cutting it. I took it out yesterday and today and tried to get some action shots. The above photo was taken while I biked to work.

Other than my new toy, my body is a giant painful mess & I’m not entirely clear why. The knee is still a little tight from the trail running injury on Sunday, but is otherwise healing well. However, the rest of my body has taken the opportunity to fall apart. I went out for a 4 mile easy run yesterday & my IT band was screaming at me by the time I finished. It’s still yelling pretty loudly, in fact. Added to that, my back is still sore and my neck has taken to feeling pinched and restricted. I can’t quite move it back and to the left without it pinging. The bits that don’t actively hurt are instead tight and stiff. My palms no longer fall easily to the floor in a forward bend and you don’t even want to know how far away my ass is from my heels when I try to sit in hero’s pose.

Red faced post run me

My smizing could use some work. Also, that hat is functional, shut up.

I mean, I understand that the root of all this is some pretty severe imbalances in my muscle groups. I’ve got overdeveloped quads, flabby weakling hamstrings, a sad core, and hips that lie frequently about their supposed strength. But I’m still confused about the why now aspect. I’ve been running roughly the same number of miles for a few weeks now and last week was even a low week for me. I only ran twice. Why are all the problems coming out now?

Anyway, 4 miler yesterday at lunch went ok. I ran the last mile a little faster than “slow” but, well, these things happen and I wanted to be done and back to work. And now that I’ve got a new camera I can show you a picture of sweaty post run me!





2 responses to “Ow. Ow. Ow. Oooh, pretty picture.

  1. I actually know the answer to this! Unconsciously compensating for your injury is causing New and Exciting stress throughout the rest of your stance & body.

    • Hm. I definitely think that’s partially it. Probably compensating for my foot as well. I spent a lot of yesterday’s run with an ouchy foot from chafing and I did notice I was running funny trying to avoid making it worse. I do think the back problems are lingering from the 10K (mo’ hills, mo’ problems) last Sunday.

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