Update on the Athleta Presto Bermuda Shorts

Well, my love affair with the Athleta Presto Bermuda Shorts that I wrote about back in June has come to a quick end. As occasional girlfriends have complained in the past, I simply loved them too much. Behold:

Holes worn through the thighs and crotch of the shorts

For the record, I have never worn through the crotch of an ex-girlfriend.

I’ve been known for killing shorts in the past, but this is probably the least amount of time it’s taken me, which leads me to think that it might be the short and not me. And now I’m torn because I really enjoyed these shorts otherwise. They’ve got the best pockets I’ve seen on shorts in a while, and they don’t move while I run. The waist band can get a bit chafey if I’m not careful, but I haven’t met a pair of shorts that didn’t chafe at the waist if there weren’t preventive measures in place. I could buy them again, of course, but do I want to spend $50 on something that’s only going to last 5 months?

For now, I’ll just be really sad that these are gone and will have to think about what I’m going to do for the half. My plan had been to wear these and stick a small hand bottle in one of pockets for emergency back up water. I only have one other pair of shorts that can accommodate a water bottle in a pocket and it’s a tri short, which I’d prefer not to wear. Hmm… Things to ponder.

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