Weekend 10 Miler & Other Bits

Wilson Pool

The nice pool where I meander from end to end.

I was in a cranktastic mood on Friday, so I waffled about going to Masters Swim right up until The Accomplice came to pick me up. I’m glad I went because it was a workout I wouldn’t have otherwise made up in any other fashion, and I forget that swimming uses different muscles from running so it feels ok even when you’re exhausted from running. We did a 300m time trial and I totally forgot to get my time, but at the end we counted our strokes and I tied for most efficient stroke, so that was nice. I am slow but efficient about being slow!

On Saturday I lazed around a bit in the morning and then headed out with the Accomplice to get my 10 mile run in. Instead of hauling up the many hills of NW DC, I decided to try something different and do a point to point run. I ran from DC to Old Town via the Mt Vernon trail. I really enjoyed the point to point aspect. It felt like you were going somewhere and not just killing time while you ticked up mileage.

The run was…ok. The more I run the long distances the more I appreciate that at this point I’m not training my cardio system; I’m training my muscles, joints, and ligaments to accept the abuse required for 3+ hours of running.  I had to walk a bit when my sore IT band continued to be painful and sore. There was sharp, disturbing foot pain at mile 9 that I’m not thinking too hard about. And I had shoe issues at miles 1-3. The corn pad that I use to keep my Hokas from rubbing the top of my big foot was sliding around and not doing its job and my foot was bleeding by mile 3, so I took the insole out of my right shoe and ran without it. It stopped the immediate pain from the tongue crease rubbing, but I sorely missed the arch support and I did end up getting a few other blisters that I’ve never had before.

Once I finally got to Old Town, I hobbled around a bit (IT band was SO CRANKY and the foot was muttering about mutiny as well) and decided to stay there for dinner. In order to pretty myself up for fine dining, I hit the CVS and bought ibuprofen, bandaids, a packet of butterscotch crimpets, compression socks, and an overpriced sweatshirt proudly proclaiming myself property of Old Town Alexandria. Despite the ridiculous amount I paid for that sweatshirt, I was really glad I had it once I’d started cooling off and it got dark.  I did not regret the butterscotch crimpets either, and took special pleasure in stuffing them in my mouth so that they crimped.

On Sunday, The Accomplice ditched me to putter and instead of a nice long fall ride I went to yoga instead. I stretched! And occasionally held plank position! It’s almost like strength training. If you squint. Afterward I wandered around Logan Circle eating gelato and planning my trip to Peru next month. I’m excited to spend pretty much all the spare money I have seeing ancient ruins and wandering around the Amazon.

I closed out the weekend by doing a phone chat with a potential coach. I used the Trainingpeaks Coach Matching service and this was the person with whom they paired me. And I think it went well? She sounded knowledgeable and like someone I think I could work with, but because I’ve never used a coach before, I’m not sure what indicators I should be looking for in these conversations. Still, she gave me lots to think about and I have another month before I need to make a decision about coaching.

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