The three blisters from the 10 miler last Saturday have not fully healed yet. I’m less concerned with these than I am with the achiness inside.

I’ve only run two days on the treadmill so far this week but I’m back to limping around like an 80 year old. My IT band is so sore. SO SORE. I’ve been stretching and self-massaging it a bit, but it just snaps back into pain every time I run. It doesn’t even have the decency to wait until I’m done running to start hurting. Blegh.

The good news is that my foot’s killing me! No, wait, the other kind of news. The top of the foot pain continues pretty unabated. There’s really nothing I can do about this except try not to wear bad shoes and rest it wherever possible. I keep meaning to make an appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon to figure out if the pain is a normal part of breaking one’s foot 1+ years ago, but I find myself pretty reluctant to get that diagnosis immediately prior to running a half marathon. He’ll still be around after Nov 10th, right? Right.

I am so ready to stop running so much. I’d forgotten what a giant aching pain it is to run so frequently. You guys, I am eager to set up my trainer and ride my bike for an hour tonight. EAGER. Which I will do as soon as I can limp my way home.

2 responses to “Paaaaain

  1. How are the toes?? I need to remember to bandage up before I run next. These pesky blisters show up out of nowhere!

    • Toes are healed! It’s all the internal crap that I’m still less jazzed about. I took the weekend off for my sanity but I’m not eager to get back to it. Can’t we run the half marathon this weekend instead of Nov 10th?

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