Weekending Like a Boss: So strength training then.

Regardless of any of my other 2013 plans, I took away from last month’s half marathon a new desire for strength training. Historically, I have, well, let’s just say I’ve been less than enthusiastic about strength training. It’s boring and it hurts and I get no good endorphins afterwards and therefore I have a difficult time justifying the time it takes to do it.

But do it I will, because I’m a bit tired of this pain while exercising nonsense. I do train to hurt, but as triathlon has taught me, there are different types of pain and the ones I’ve been experiencing this past year are of the Bit Not Good variety. Lacking any better plans, I’m employing the New Rules of Lifting for Women plan for strength training, and will probably make an attempt to get to yoga at least once per week.

New Rules of Lifting for Women

Book of Doom.

On Friday, I started my first day. I toddled down to the thankfully empty work gym at around 5:30pm in my normal work clothes and went through the exercises on Week 1, Workout 1. It was fine. I was really glad that no one else was there, because it meant no one had to see flail around on the swiss ball trying to do prone jackknife exercises. I left the gym a half hour later with noodle arms and some very sore inner thighs.

On Saturday, I paid for Friday’s strength training by not being able to sit without flopping and not being able to lift my arms above my head. Fortunately you can on a laptop on your chest for hours without actually having to move many muscles.

On Sunday, I was forced to head up to Pennsylvania for some work focus groups in the afternoon, so I took the morning to get my ass reacquainted with my bike saddle. I, of course, chose to do this with tights that had no bike padding whatsoever. It was a easy 20 miler doing loops around Hains Point, so it really was just all about getting my butt to love my seat again. Still, it felt good to be out and about.

I think this year is the year I don’t spend absurd amounts of money on my bicycle. I have one last thing I want to replace, which is my shoe/pedal set up. My feet go numb on pretty much every ride & Cyclelife claims that it is a) not normal and b) something that can be corrected with better/wider fitting shoes. It would be super nice not have useless blocks of feet when I run off the bike.

I finished up my ride by stopping off at the Dupont Farmer’s Market for some meat, cheese, and gourd (the bounties of December…). I was sad that I didn’t have the know how or money to acquire the whole piglet my butcher had out for sale. $130 seemed like a decent deal, but what does one do with a whole pig? I did pick up some burrata, which I am practically vibrating in excitement to eat.

I emailed the triathlon coach I was hoping to work with early on Friday, but I think that plan is going to fall through. Two emails have gone unanswered and I am sort of developing this pet peeve for online businesses that want my money yet can seem to respond to email in a timely fashion. I am the first person to hate on email, but if that’s your business’ main form of communication with potential clients, perhaps make use of it like a professional person, yeah?

Anyway. Now that my main triathlon coach lead is dead, I’m suddenly waffling about what to do for training. Try to find another coach? Try yet another training plan? Get angry and try to master the intricacies of making my own?

December is going to be the month strength training and waffling.

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