Yoga Day 4: Slow Vinyasa

Yoga Day 4: Slow Vinyasa

All good yoga deserves a stroopwaffle & tea chaser. Good for opening the chakras.

Did a longer vinyasa class tonight from the free yoga site, Do Yoga With Me. I thought the teacher was good and the class was fairly slow, but would’ve liked more modification options in some of the poses. She assumed quite a lot of strength for beginners.

I continue to struggle with my new yoga mat. Like my old yoga mat, I slip all over the place once I start building up a sweat. I put a microfiber towel down about halfway through the class and it helped some but not enough.

The thing that didn’t get done today was my 40 mile bike ride. This makes the second long ride I’ve missed and I’m rather peeved at myself. Curiously, my anger at my lack of riding and my cheer at doing a longer yoga class have cancelled each other out such that I’m sitting here sipping my tea, eating my stroopwaffle, and feeling rather neutral. I have already set the bike up on the trainer for tomorrow, just in case I get any ideas about skipping a bike ride again, though.



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