Weekending + Yoga Days 10-12

I had, dare I say it, a very decent weekend. Saturday was dominated by DC Tri Club’s annual Columbia Brick-nic. The Accomplice & I headed out a bit late for the wilds of Columbia, MD & my stomach gave revised downward estimates of my bike mileage goals on the way there, but once we got there and unpacked I perked up a bit.

Columbia, which hosts a bevy of tri events such as the Columbia Tri, Irongirl, Rev3’s Half Full, etc., is notable for its hills. There are very few OMGDYING hills, but there are no flats. You go up, you come down. Repeat. I give Columbia credit for at least always making me feel like I am coming down as much as I go up. There are some mountains where I swear I am cheated of my downhills.

Cat & I biked the Columbia Tri course and then doubled back to do the Iron Girl loop for a total of 34 miles and 1900ft of climbing. My original plan had been to do 50 miles somehow, but I was pretty cooked after 34. We did 20 minutes of brisk walking after, and then I was more than ready to the final leg: eating.

Later that day, after a shower and a very nice nap, I did a half hour yin yoga course online. I’m still working with Yogaglo videos and trying to see if there are teachers or styles I can reliably pick out that I like.

On Sunday, I went to a proper yoga class. I forget how much I sweat in proper yoga classes with their well heated rooms. This one even added to the heat with candles. If nothing else, I was cleansed of my toxins by brute dehydrating force.

Monday’s yoga was a brief 15 minute ‘de-stressor’ class. It had level two in the description & I didn’t realize what that meant until we were about halfway through and suddenly in half moon pose. I’m not sure what it is about half moon pose that is supposed to be destressing, as I feel like I’m going to fall on my face at any given moment.

The reason I needed to de-stress? Noticed this on the way to work this morning:

Close up of bike break and the frayed wire

That would be my front break. Hanging on by a single thread. Yes, I did ride to work with that for a break. In traffic. In the rain. Going down hills.

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