Yoga Days 13-15: Back Breaking

Evilcat looking evil in a pink t-shirt

Evilcat understands pain. The pain of wearing a pink dog shirt in order to keep warm.

My back hurts. It’s been hurting for a while now. Ever since I did leg lifts while dangling from my chin up bar a few weeks back. I back off on things that hurt it (training mostly) & it gets better. Then I train again and it may or may not get worse. I can’t tell if yoga is helping or hurting, but I think I’m going to stop doing any type of twists & back bends for the time being.

Anyway, Tuesday, I did a pre-sleep yoga routine that involves long held stretches and legs up the wall while in bed. I like doing yoga in bed sometimes. The cushiness makes it easier to work on a few poses. In particular, I’m trying to work on thunderbolt pose. My quads are so tight that my heels don’t make it to my butt, plus the ankle injury I sustained back in November makes it so that my ankle hurts when I press my weight on top of it. There are modifications and  props you can use, of course, when doing the pose on a normal mat, but the mattress makes it so that I don’t need to make adjustments for my ankle.

Wednesday, I did a 40 minute back focused practice. It was nice and gentle and I did wake up the next day with less back pain.

On Thursday, I came home from Peasantman’s happy hour/packet pick up to smell gas in my house. I must have bumped the knob on my stove that morning & it slowly leaked all day. I stayed up to air out the place but my zeal for doing yoga left me pretty quickly. I did about 10 minutes of child’s pose, down dog, etc. And then called it done.

This weekend I spend some time down at Lake Anna, which should be a good time. I’m determined to get a 56 mile bike ride in, which will give me a good indication of how much I should be crying over this upcoming half ironman. I suspect it’s a lot.


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