January Round Up & February Goals

We’re trying something new in these parts. Instead of focusing on bigger, far away goals that are hard to keep in my grasp during the every day doldrums of training, I’m going to try having monthly goals. A month is short enough that you can’t really wander too far away from a goal without something going catastrophically wrong.

January Achievements

There wasn’t really much of a goal for January other than get back into the swing of training and learn how to train with a coach. The coach thing is still a work in progress, as I suspect it will be for a long while, but the training has been coming along.

One of these days I swear I will learn how to take better pictures.

One of these days I swear I will learn how to take better pictures.

I hit a speed bump in the last week of January with a winter cold that just doesn’t want to go away and am now just finally starting to recover. Still, I managed a small block of work for the month.

Swimming: 15, 456 yds

Biking: 143 miles

Running: 20.8 miles

I’m taking it as a start and looking to build into February.

February Goals

1. Stay healthy (always goal #1) – And particularly relevant lately with my never ending cough/cold. Sleep, eating well, washing my hands, avoiding infected people, blah blah blah.

2. Develop and implement a strength training plan to fix my muscle imbalances – I’ve been starting to do myrtl exercises for my weak left hip, but I’d also like to work with my coach to create a broader strength training program. I’m going to set up a meeting with her and hopefully get a good routine going.

3. Work on Mobility – Some of this is tied to the strength goal above but some of it is simply aging and habit. In any event, I’ve started to develop some serious mobility issues around my body that’d I’d love to fix.

  • Ankle – I’ve got limited dorsiflexion in my left ankle from an old ankle injury that was never treated. It limits a bunch of stuff when I’m swim/bike/running and makes it impossible for me to do things like squats well.
  • Quads – I’ve got such tight, overdeveloped quads that I can no longer sit on my heels. I just kind of…stop and hover about 2 inches away. Hopefully this is something stretching and foam rolling can fix over time.
  • Foot – This, I admit, is just for fun. I have some nice toe control on my right foot but poor movement on my left. I’ve been working on strengthening my left toes and making them stretch out.

4. Continue to swim/bike/run as prescribed – It was tough to get sick and have to miss workouts. I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine and seeing all those green squares again. It might be a little too late in the month to have a bigger training month in January, but I’m going to try to at least do an equal amount of work!

Happy February!!

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