About the Trained Monkey Who Runs This Joint

A particularly good case of bedhead. Fret not; it has never looked that well-tousled before or since.

Helloooo, dollies! Thanks for wandering by and checking out the blog.

I’m a young(ish) geeky curmudgeon who lives in DC. By day, I tinker with data; by night, I can be found swimming, biking, or shuffling around the city, or poking at any one of my many, many other hobbies (some of which I’m sure will pop up on here eventually).

I’ve always been pretty active in some sport or another (though I’ve never labeled myself an “athlete”). I swam as a kid, played competitive badminton in high school, and have been an avid bike commuter since I moved to the city 5 years ago.

In late 2009, when a friend mentioned they’d signed up for a local triathlon (Nation’s Tri) the following September, I decided that the sport looked like fun and I should give it a try. I could swim! I could bike! I’d…figure out how to run 6.2 miles at some point in the following 9 months. I cajoled another friend into signing up and training with me (the exact phrase, oft repeated, and the origin of the title of this blog was ‘It’ll be fun!’). Naturally, things spiraled out of control and I got used to the  exhaustion, the chafing in odd places, and the constant loss of my hard-earned cash. It was even, occasionally, a bit of fun.

There are, of course, 10 million different blogs out there chronicling the pain filled lives of your average age group triathlete, so I’m sure your next question is why I decided that now was the time to indulge my Gen Y-bred narcissism and start a blog. I suppose the simplest answer is because there aren’t nearly enough bloggers who are like me. I am slow. I am fat. I work hard to improve my race times and my skills in these three sports, but I don’t view triathlon as a vehicle for weight loss. This blog will not be the start of some epic “journey” toward the possession of a more socially acceptable body shape. It is not why I got into the sport and it’s not why I keep doing it. Sorry. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, I’m confident a half-assed Google search will provide for you.

What I do want to talk about is what it’s like participating in a sport as a slower athlete. I want to share the things I’ve learned over the past 2.5 years and the things I will learn as I continue to race and train in the future. I want there to be a voice from the back of the pack that says, ‘Hey, I’m here. I’m not on a podium, but I’m still having a good time,’ and decided I don’t mind if that voice is mine.

One response to “About the Trained Monkey Who Runs This Joint

  1. Love your blog. Got here because I signed up to do Escape in 2013 and your race report was great. Also read DC Rainmaker but I’m 60 so I’m not quite in the same league as him – yours was much more suited. Your other posts are very funny – my wife was curious because I was laughing at something and that is something I don’t commonly do. It will be interesting because they moved the race to March this year due to American’s cup race so may be colder. Anyway, thanks again for sharing.

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