2011 Races and Results

Me rocking out on the bike at Rocketts Landing 2011

I don’t normally look this pleased while riding in 90+F heat, but I think I was on a downhill.

I like to call this The Year of the Broken Foot. One’s best laid sophomore season plans quickly go out the window when you can’t walk for 3 months.

  • 8/12/2011, Jingle All the Way 8K, Washington, DC
  • 1:18:15 (15:45 min/mi)
  • 12/11/2011, HCA Virginia 8K, Richmond, VA
  • 1:21:33 (16:24 min/mi)
  • 11/9/2011, Nations Triathlon, Washington, DC
  • Swim: Cancelled T1: 2.36 Bike: 1:33:04 (16mph)  T2: 4:28 Run: 1:42:19 (16:31 min/mi) Total: 3:22:26, Division 322/332
  • 24/7/2011, Rocketts Landing Triathlon (Aquavelo), Richmond, VA
  • Swim: 35:49 T1: 6:01 Bike: 1:43:36 Total: 2:25:25, Division 11/12
  • 25/6/2011, Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon Sprint, Philadelphia, PA
  • Swim: 24:52 T1: 4:59 Bike: 1:00:17 (15.6 mph) Total: DNF because I couldn’t change to Aquabike in time.

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